Project Proposal

What do you want your project to focus on? (HOW/WHAT/WHY) Since I will be creating a Disney themed video essay, I want the primary focus to be on how extensive Disney really is with their characters or recurring objects/ideas in most of their films. I want to bring attention some of the hidden things viewers may not have noticed in most Disney movies. I plan do this by creating a supercut, and I want to incorporate music from a Disney soundtrack in the background. I might also include some text on the screen to briefly explain or clarify things in the video as well.

What type of video essay will you create? (VIDEO STRUCTURE) As I said before, I only want to use a supercut format with no voiceover; only background music and most likely some text on the screen.

What raw materials will you need for the project? I will need to find many clips from a majority of different Disney movies since Disney constantly recycles its characters and ideas. I will also use some online images to help me find the exact clip I will need for my essay. I’m also going to have to listen to some soundtracks to find music that will fit best with the cuts.

– Aladdin

– The Little Mermaid

– The Lion King

– Lady and the Tramp

– Frozen

– Wreck-it-Ralph

– Mulan

– Lilo and Stitch

– Toy Story

– The Incredibles

Who will be the audience for your project? I want my audience to be a general audience, particularly Disney fans (so a YouTube or Vimeo audience perhaps)

What skills/software do you expect to use? I am the most familiar with iMovie, so I plan on using that to create my video essay.

Additionally: which skills and software tools would you like to have a better handle on? I know iMovie fairly well, but there are still some software tools I am unfamiliar with and would like to learn how to use them.

What do you expect to work on in each of the coming weeks? (TIMELINE) During the first week, I plan on searching for examples of Disney “recycling” its content to include in the video. I also want to figure out which movies I will need so I can take the time to find them online and download or screen record them. With the remaining class periods I’ll have, I plan on using those days to put the essay together and editing it.

10/30: Figure out which movies I plan on using, figure out organization

11/6: Finalize organization, begin finding clips to use, find music

11/13: Begin putting video essay together,

11/20: Oral presentation, continue editing

11/26: Finalize project, polish up video

12/4: Project due

Any help/feedback you’d like from your peers or myself? I’m happy with my proposal. Maybe suggestions on organization of the cuts?



GoodBadFlicks creates an in-depth video analysis talking about movie posters and how much they’ve changed over the past decades. Based on the title WTF Happened to Movie Posters?, we already get the vibe that it’s going to be talking about movie posters in a negative way. The overall organization of the video wasn’t necessarily “formal” where the narrator gives the audience a huge introduction of the idea and then slowly begins to go in depth about the topic. Instead, he immediately starts with his argument and begins explaining things in detail from there on. The video itself is fairly bland and is straight to the point. The narrator doesn’t use many effects such as background music, video clips, or even text on the screen within the video. The overall video essay is merely just a slideshow of pictures with a voiceover of him talking about movie posters. With the exception of some zoom-ins and zoom-outs, he does include very few effects, and also has credits about his YouTube channel in the end.

The narrator points out some very interesting details and facts about movie posters from the previous generation compared to the ones from our generation. He talks about many different topics on posters (ranging from the color scheme, the graphics shown, the captions used, gestures/facial expressions actors make, and the entire format of the poster) that supports his argument on how unoriginal modern day movie posters are and the transformation they went through over the years. He also discusses many cliche formats most movie posters follow, and it brought light to some of the things I never took into account when seeing posters. Based on the argument GoodBadFlicks proposes, he definitely did an outstanding job in covering the information portion of the essay.

However, in terms of how the information was presented, the video was very bleak. My favorite type of video essays are the ones that show video clips with a voiceover narration of the topic being discussed. Other effective components include the use of background music, text, titles, end credits or even small special effects such as slow-motion, replays, zoom-ins and zoom-outs or even a freeze frame. Very little to no effects at all were shown in the video essay. It was only a slideshow of pictures and it even lacked the use of transitions from one picture to the next. At some points, he did include small collages of pictures in one slide to show comparisons, but nothing more. In addition, the tone of the narrator’s voice wasn’t very intriguing either. Most video essays that include narration usually sound enthusiastic, or at least have some degree of emotion. The narrator only displayed a somewhat annoyed tone while he was talking about the dullness of movie posters, but it almost sounded monotonous. Due to this, his delivery of his argument wasn’t very effective and it was difficult to engage in his discussion. Overall, the topic chosen was very interesting, but the presentation of it lacked in quality and could have been better if other effects had been incorporated.

An Analysis on “Duet” (Commentary by Jessica, Kimberly & Brad)



J: We were asked to take an analytical approach of Glen Keane’s “Duet” in a commentary format. I’m Jessica.

K: I’m Kimberly.

B: And I’m Brad.


J: In this first scene of the film, Glen Keane opens with a star, which eventually develops into the two main characters of the film. Throughout the film, we see how the two characters grow and mature. Even though the development of these two characters occurs in the same scene, we noticed how the characters never actually made any direct contact with one another.


B: Glen Keane takes us through the stages of their infant years, which is also the first time they lay eyes on one another, but very briefly. Before they go on their own paths, both characters make interactions with his dog; the only connection that they share. As they grow up separately, they start to discover and develop their passions.


K: We see how the boy is eager for adventure….with his best friend by his side…


K: …While the girl aspires to be a dancer. She practices, she falls, she brings herself back up. As a result, she learns to run, to jump, and to leap; rising higher with every step


J: In this scene, their paths are crossed once more. For a moment here they are distracted by the sight of each other. The girl falls and then he carries on with his adventures. After this, they continue developing without the need of each other


J: At this point of the film, the male protagonist takes his adventures to a new level as we see him effortlessly climbing the trees with his accompanying dog.


B: In this scene, both protagonists finally meet one another at the top of the tree.


B: This particular moment is very symbolic. As we saw before, the boy and the girl are introduced as babies as we get a sense of what their personalities are like while also witnessing how they bond. At the beginning of their teenage years, it shows both of them at the top of the tree. The girl takes a leap of faith and elegantly jumps off the tree in order to continue pursuing her dreams to dance.



K: As we all do in the pursuit of our dreams, the girl stumbles and falls. But at this moment, he catches her and lifts her back up. The first direct interaction between them is made. Up to that point, their lives were physically and metaphorically intertwined but never quite parallel. They realize this significant connection they had made just before he is pulled away, leaving her free to carry on with her pursuit.


J: At this point, simultaneously and independently, they each scale to the peak of their potentials. The girl has perfected her art and reached the professional stage of dancing. As for the boy, he encounters a number of obstacles that attempt to hinder his way to the top. He climbs higher and higher, pushing his way up towards the birds in the sky.


K: In what is her final ballet performance, the girl who has been dancing alone throughout the film transforms into the free flying flock of birds. The flock then forms into the couple, uniting them in an intimate embrace.Each of their solo journeys have led up to this moment, their personal pursuits have been fulfilled and all that’s left is the passion they have for each other. And we are left here, immensely satisfied. They have both accomplished their personal goals, and are free to start a new journey together.


B: Overall, this animation was very short and simple and was successful in portraying a beautiful love story. The animation teaches us that genuine relationships are the ones that take time and aren’t rushed. From infants, to children, to teenagers, to adults, this couple took things slowly and became an inseparable duet in the end.


The primary focus of our video was on each individual character’s pursuit of their passions and the specific moments when their paths intertwined. Every small step in their journeys brought them closer to one another, which ultimately led to their inevitable unity as a duet. Starting from their infant years, we witness the boy and the girl’s first interaction together, where they only lay eyes on one another. As they grow up, their passions and relationship also begin to blossom. Independently, they each discover and develop their unique passions; the girl begins with baby steps and eventually reaches the professional stage of dancing, while the boy begins with climbing over branches and ends with scaling mountains. The two characters did not rely on each other to reach their potential, and in fact, at several moments distracted each other from their pursuits. It wasn’t until they both reached the peak of their dreams, were they given the freedom to be with each other. We also pinpointed the moments where they made or didn’t make direct physical contact. These moments were special to the development the two characters’ bond. The essential idea of this short film was to depict an evolving intimate relationship that started when the two characters were young. In the end, we learned that the pursuit of our individual passions is an important step to our personal development. However, in order to fulfill those dreams, we have to make several leaps of faith before reaching that place where we want to be.

Climbing Up to the Top

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.22.43 PM

Who can ever go wrong with a Disney production? No matter what type of media it is, whether it’s a full length film, a book, or even a simple short silent animation, Disney never ceases to amuse me. This is my first time watching “Duet” by Glen Keane, and it’s one of the cutest videos ever! Other than the cliche romantic storyline of 2 people meeting as children who grow up and end up falling in love with each other, you also get cool special effects, a nice neon color scheme, and soothing music that captures the mood.

Now moving on to the screen shot above…why did I choose this you might ask? All you see are the boy and the girl in their preadolescent years high up in the trees looking at one another, nothing more, nothing less. While there are plenty of other moments in the animation that are detailed and significant, I found this particular moment to be very symbolic. The film starts off with both the boy and girl as babies, and we get a sense of what their personalties are like and we also see how they bond. At the beginning of their teenage years, it shows both of them climbing up many trees, which I interpreted as them beginning to reach the peak of their relationship.

As a fan of cute, sappy romantic relationships, I absolutely love seeing the growth of a relationship, especially ones that start off with a couple as children, and then become mature adults who end up falling in love. At this point, we already know that the girl strives to be a dancer, while the boy is an adventurous person who does things with his dog. The look they’re both giving each another in the trees expresses their liking for one another (not love yet, but it’s getting there). Only from this point on in their developing relationship when things become much more deep and passionate, which is exactly what we get in the end.

Overall, this animation was very short and simple and was successful in portraying a beautiful love story. This 3 minute silent animation had a better love story than Twilight did in 5 movies. The genuine relationships are the ones that take time and aren’t rushed. This specific moment in the animation is my favorite because it shows the peak of the growth within their blossoming connection. From infants, to children, to teenagers, to adults, the couple took things slowly and became an eternal duet.